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Cold Case Unit Returns to South Bay

New district attorney makes good on promise



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    Investigators could be closing in on solving the cold-case murder.

    Santa Clara County's new district attorney Jeff Rosen has re-established a "cold case" unit.

    The goal of the unit will be to investigate unsolved homicides and sexual assaults. Rosen's press release reads like a pitch for a prime time drama.

    The unit has two stars.  One is a veteran prosecutor named Ted Kajani who is an experienced interrogator. The other is a criminal investigator named Nate Wandruff who got his crime teeth cut on the mean streets of Mountain View.

    The cold case unit will have a single focus; unsolved crimes, and not just the ones that are gathering dust in a back room like the CBS drama that shares its name.

    Rosen says he has asked every law enforcement agency in the county for access to unsolved murder and sexual assault cases. The Santa Clara County Sheriff, the Chiefs of Police and the County Crime Lab have signed a "Cold Case Partnership" agreement that is supposed to give the investigators everything they need to crack the cases.

    The budget for the unit was not immediately clear. As to the question whether the money expense is well placed in these tough budget times.