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Coming Soon: Bike, Ocean Film Fests



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    If you love bikes or the ocean, you're in luck. Now if only there were a way to combine the two.

    Two upcoming film fests with an ecological angle are about to hit the Bay Area. The first is the Bicycle Film Festival, starting today at 9pm with a kickoff party at The Knockout. On Thursday night, a bike ride will wind from Dolores park to Sports Basement for another party.

    And then finally, on Friday, the film festival will actually get around to showing films: a documentary about the Brooklynfixie scene. Then -- what else? -- there'll be another party, this time at Bender's.

    On Saturday and Sunday, look forward to more unspooling at the Victoria. There'll be shorts, classics, and the BX-themed The Birth of Big Air. And then the fest won't be over until there's one more party two more parties at Sports Basement, and another at Zeitgiest.

    Parallel, the Save the Waves Coalition is gearing up for its oceanic film fest. On November 12th, they're featuring 180 Degrees South, with a live Q&A with cast and crew. They'll also show films with such intriguing titles as Transparent Sea, Dark Side of the Lense, and Chasing the Swell.

    The films screen at the Victoria Theater, and will include the unveiling of a brand new Ocean Beach mural. The mural features a mother whale and her calf, and is located at the The Sunset Cooperative Nursery School.