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Conspiracy Theories About Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight



    A former America Airlines pilot talks to Scott Budman about the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines near Vietnam. (Published Monday, March 10, 2014)

    Without facts to fill the space, the vacuum is getting filled with rumor.

    When it comes to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, frustratingly little is known about what happened. No sign of the plane and its passengers, and as family members and friends worry, the military searches, and some start to guess what might have happened.

    Among those, you can count Jay Rollins. Rollins used to be a pilot for American Airlines. He's a thoughtful person with a lot of experience. He says, while he does not hold out much hope of finding the plane, he wonders what might have happened.

    Terror? Possibly, he says, and a large explosion would make it extremely difficult to find parts of the plane.

    What about the speculation that pilots might have been involved in some sort of a highjacking? Rollins says, if that were the case, it might explain why the plane started to turn back toward land, without announcing its plan to do so.

    "It smells nefarious," Rollins says. "Two things I wonder about: an explosion, or was one of more of the pilots involved."

    Stay tuned.

    Scott is on Twitter: @scottbudman