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Contra Costa County Election Results

Not enough people said yes to a parcel tax



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    Voters in Contra Costa County appear to have approved two out of  three ballot measures put before them in Tuesday's election, according to  complete unofficial election results.
        Pittsburg voters approved two ballot measures meant to bring the  city more revenue and allow for additional development.

        Voters in Pittsburg overwhelmingly approved Measure H, which will  boost the city's hotel tax from 8 percent to up to 12 percent to help support  a range of municipal services, from police services and youth facilities to  parks and recreational services. The measure was approved by 78 percent of  voters.     The tax will be paid by mostly out-of-town hotel guests staying in  Pittsburg and funneled into the city's general fund.
        Measure I also passed easily Tuesday, according to complete  unofficial numbers, with 78 percent of voters approving the measure, which  will extend the city's urban limit line and allow the city to develop 193  acres of unincorporated land straddling the Pittsburg-Antioch border.
        Under the measure, the city's general plan will be updated to  allow for high-density residential development on the 193 acres, lifting the  city's previous building limit of three housing units per acre in that area.
        Voters in Lafayette rejected Measure G, which would have collected  $89 yearly from each housing unit to complete a city project to revamp roads  and drains.
        Fifty-seven percent of voters backed the special parcel tax,  falling short of the two-thirds supermajority vote needed to pass, according  to unofficial numbers.
        Opponents of the measure have called it an attempt to tax  residents for services the city should already provide.