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Cops Harass Pot Vendors as Marin Mulls New Dispensaries



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    Marin's marijuana industry may get a lucky break from town supervisors. Now, if only they can get the cops to go along with it.

    Supervisors Steve Kinsey and Susan Adams spoke with the public about allowing and regulating dispensaries at a packed town hall meeting this week. Currently, Marin prohibits pot dispensaries, although two have sprung up within the county limits. One was recently shut down after the police went after the owner.

    In general, city leaders are cautiously optimistic about the plan, which would bring Marin closer to matching laws in nearby towns. It could also generate substantial tax revenue.

    About 1,000 Marin residents have medical marijuana cards, many of which were issued by a small handful of doctors.

    In addition to regulating the dispensaries, attendees at the forum called for regulation of pot prescriptions and preparation for the passage of Prop 19.

    The majority of speakers favored permits for dispensaries, though one parent worried about the message that it would send to children. Gee, maybe that message would be, "if you get sick, the government won't always stop you from getting treatment."

    Meanwhile, police continue to bother pot entrepreneurs. In Santa Rosa, a 17-year-old was arrested for selling pot at a high school. If he'd been selling muffins and sharing the take with the football team, he'd have been hailed as a hero.