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Cops: SF Couple Killed Daughter's Pimp

A San Francisco couple is in custody after shooting their daughter's pimp, police said.



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    A New Castle County Superior Court jury convicted James Cooke of the rape and murder of a University of Delaware student in 2005.

    A pair of desperate parents trying to rescue their 17-year old daughter from a pimp and suspected gang member tried everything.

    Until they tracked him from Los Angeles, where they attempted to kill him, back to San Francisco, where they allegedly shot him dead, according to police.

    Barry Gilton and his longtime girlfriend, Lupe Mercado, appeared in court Wednesday for the shooting death of 22-year old Calvin Sneed near Candlestick Park, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Sneed, of Compton, was shot in his car June 4 at  2 a.m. in the city's Bayview neighborhood. He later died at San Francisco General Hospital.

    Gilton is the alleged shooter, according to police. He and Mercado are also suspected of tracking their daughter and Sneed to North Hollywood, where a shooter fired several rounds into Sneed's car on May 27.

    Gilton and Mercado were arrested shortly after the girl was questioned by police.

    The girl, whose identity is not being released, is staying with family, as are the couple's other children.

    Attorneys for the couple say that police have no other evidence aside from motive to link the couple to their daughter's pimp's death.