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Fremont Officer Has Another Surgery



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    The Fremont police officer shot twice and critically injured Friday by a suspected gang member had another surgery Sunday.

    The Fremont spokesman said officer Todd Young went into surgery at 12:30 p.m.  He was out of surgery by 3 p.m.  It was on his bladder and called "successful."   William Veteran with the Fremont police department said Young's condition remains "Critical but Stable."  Veteran said more surgeries were probably in the coming days.

    Young was shot Friday when he served a search warrant on a known gang member in East Oakland.  He was with another Fremont officer and they were working undercover.

    The suspect was able to get away at the time but has since been arrested.

    Investigators said the suspect, Andrew Barrientos, was nabbed thanks to cell phone tracking technology.

    Police working with the Department of Justice tracked the cell phone signal Andrew Barrientos was using and knew he was at the Mexican border crossing Saturday afternoon.  That information was enough to shut down the busiest border crossing in the world so that police could begin a car by car search.

    During the search police said Barrientos tried to run after he ditched his car at a nearby restaurant, but was instead arrested.

    Barrientos freedom lasted 24 hours and he traveled exactly 500 miles.

    Sunday, Oakland detectives hope to bring him back to the Bay Area where he will be charged in the shooting of the Fremont police officer.

    Police say Barrientos first carjacked a Mazda and got away while officer Young laid seriously wounded on the ground.  Young, 39 years old, married and the father of two, was seriously hurt. 

    Barrientos, 20, lives in Union City has “Decoto” tattooed on his neck and “Decoto gangster” on his arm, police said. The Decoto gang is well-known in the Union City area. Before the shooting Friday, he was wanted on several other serious charges, including evading officers and suspicion of assault on the mother of his child. Police say Barrientos has family and friends in the Union City area and anyone who helped aid in his hiding or escape could face serious charges.

    Because officer Young may need even more surgeries a blood drive is being held in Young's name.  You can donate at Bay Area Red Cross locations in Pleasant Hill, Oakland, Pleasanton, San Jose or Fremont.  Call 800-448-3543 to set up an appointment.