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Coroner: It's Phuong Le



    Coroner: It's Phuong Le

    The Solano County Coroner's Office has confirmed that a body found in Napa County on Friday is that of missing woman Phuong Le, and her death is being classified as a homicide.

    Her preliminary cause of death has been determined, police said, but that information is being withheld because of potential value it has in a criminal investigation.

    Family members said earlier that investigators told them the body matched Le's description.

    The body was also found with a jade bracelet and a watch similar to the one that Le was last seen wearing.

    The missing woman's body was identified through fingerprints.Le's family told police she left her Suisun City home at about 5 p.m. on April 25.

    She headed over to a Fairfield Barnes and Noble cafe to read some books. She was last seen at about 8:30 p.m. that evening.When the woman didn't return home at midnight, her brother said he went to search for her. He said he spotted her unlocked car in the parking lot, with her belongings still inside.

    Friends and family organized search parties and posted flyers all over town.A woman walking her dog Friday morning in a remote area of Napa County found a body matching Le's description, investigators said.

    "It's fair to say the body had been there for some time," Fairfield police Lt. Darrin Moody said at a Monday news conference.Le was not pregnant at the time of her death, police said.Both of Le's brothers have been interviewed and neither one of them is considered a suspect or person of interest in the case, police said.

    Additional interviews being conducted with other individuals who've had past contact with Le.

    Police said there are no definitive suspects in the case.

    Though he wouldn't say investigators are well on their way to their arrest, "I will say we have some information we're moving forward on," Moody said.

    "We have treated this from the beginning as though we were investigating a homicide, kidnapping, et cetera," Moody said. contributed to this report.