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Could Pot Critic Save the Chronicle?

San Francisco newspaper now ocassionaly profitable on occassion, according to publisher



    Could Pot Critic Save the Chronicle?
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    Newspaper vendor Rick Gaub (R) helps a customer with change at his stand in an underground rail station.

    Marijuana dispensaries are a growth industry in San Francisco. Newspapers? Not so much.

    The San Francisco Chronicle lost 25 percent of its circulation, however publisher Frank Vega says that by raising subscription prices it might just end up profitable.

    One person has a wacky idea to boost subscription sales -- why not serve readers by hiring a columnist to cover the City's pot clubs?

    After all, there's "Chronic" right there in the name of the paper.

    While it may seem like a niche already served by High Times magazine, Denver weekly Westword certainly stoked some buzz by listing an opening for just such a job.

    And besides, High Times is part of Conde Nast, which is also laying people off.

    A better idea?

    Instead of printing the paper on newsprint, print it on rolling paper -- made from hemp, naturally.

    Those things sell for over a dollar for a tiny pack, and good luck getting anybody to pay that for the current Chronicle.

    Jackson West figured if it worked for that Cheech and Chong album, it might just work for the Chron.