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Counterfeiters on Loose in North Bay

Real money bleached and reprinted as $100 bills have fooled some Petaluma businesses, prompting the local merchants' association to sound the alarm.



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    Watch them wallets -- they could be full of funny money.

    Merchants in downtown Petaluma have been asked to scrutinize the paper money passing through their fingers after a movie theater reported receiving two counterfeit $100 bills, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    These bills are particularly tricky because they pass the "pen test" when marked with a counterfeit money-detecting pen because they are legitimate smaller bills bleached and reprinted to be Benjamins.

    The counterfeiters' goal is to buy a cheap item using the fake bills in order to receive a pile of real money as change, the newspaper reported.

    Merchants receiving C-notes are asked to inspect them carefully before making change. As usual, it's all about those Benjamins.

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