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Boy's 911 Call: "Bring Cops ... Lots of Them"

The men with handguns broke into the bathroom in which the boy was hiding



    A 7-year-old boy Wednesday described how he managed to hide in a bathroom and call 911 while armed gunmen threatened to kill his family.

    The attackers entered the Norwalk residence about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. That's when Carlos locked himself and his 6-year-old sister in the bathroom.

    "They were next to the door with my mom and dad … putting their hands up and their heads down," said Carlos. "Me and my sister were at the bathroom, calling 911."

    The second grader told police dispatcher Monique Patino, who has young children of her own, to send help.

    "Um, they come... they ring the door, and they have guns to shoot my mom and dad...," Carlos told the dispatcher. "Can you come really fast? Bring cops. Lots of them."

    When Patino informed the boy that officers were on the way, he said, "And bring soldiers, too."

    Then one of the men forced open the bathroom door, took the phone from Carlos and asked him which number he had dialed.

    "911," he said, according to police.

    "I didn't know what happened to them," said Patino. "All I heard was them screaming last, and the voices fading, so I was horrified. I was nervous. I got very shaky.

    Although screams could be heard in the background of the 911 audio, the boy's parents were not shot.

    "That was the hardest part, just hearing the kid screaming," said Patino.

    Detectives were trying to determine the motive for the break-in. Capt. Patrick Maxwell said the 6-year-old girl had left the front door open after running to the family's car to grab her lunch box. The assailants burst in soon after.

    "We don't know if it was random. We don't know if it was targeted," Maxwell said.

    Deputies were at the scene within three minutes, but the assailants had escaped in a green or gray two-door compact car, Jensen said. Carlos said there were three assailants and two of them had guns.

    "When one of the cops cars came, they just ran," Carlos told reporters.

    Police plan to have Carlos work with a sketch artist to create a composite sketch.

    "If not for the brave and educated actions of the 7-year-old boy, this might have ended tragically," said Maxwell. "If a witness can provide more information on these suspects, we can stop this from happening to someone else."