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Court: Haight-Ashbury Recycling Center Must Move

Golden Gate Park recycling center loses court appeal.



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    Time to put the HANC recycling center on the trash heap.

    The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council recycling center in Golden Gate Park is out of options. Aside from calling it a day and closing down.

    The recycling center tried to use the courts to stop San Francisco's Recreation and Park Department's eviction, according to the San Francisco Examiner. But the California Supreme Court declined to hear the case, which means that the days of hearing cans and bottles clink, clank and crash near Kezar Stadium are all but over.

    "The center could be forced to leave its two-thirds of an acre site to make way for a community garden within the next 30 days," the newspaper reported.

    The eviction is "outrageous," according to recycling center staff.

    It was former Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration who originally evicted the center, but the eviction was upheld during the tenure of Mayor Ed Lee.

    Newsom's "anti-homeless" policies included removing from the park the center, where many street folk redeem bottles and cans for pocket change, according to advocates for the center.

    "This is part of nonauthentic, nongentrified San Francisco," the center's lawyer said.

    The city wants to reform the center into a "community garden," the newspaper reported.