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Crazed Motorist Attacks Berkeley Cop Cars



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    Richard Drdul,

    No one is sure what led a Berkeley woman to ram her car into multiple police vehicles, but now she's in custody and facing a slew of charges.

    The action happened Friday, when police tried to pull over Vanessa Williams, who is a suspect in a grocery store robbery, according to the CC Times.

    Williams tried to escape by speeding off, hiding in a driveway, and then ramming into several cars and an apartment building. Police easily apprehended her.

    But police in Santa Rosa have been far less effective at ending carnage on their streets. A wave of crashes have plagued the city recently, and cops have no idea how to respond.

    Just last week, a driver hit a blind couple in a crosswalk. The driver's only penalty: a $154 ticket. It's unclear why police are not pressing charges, even though there were flashing lights on the crosswalk indicating that drivers should stop.

    A few days later, a beloved local skateboarder was hit in another crosswalk, and died at the scene. And another driver threw a woman and her 3-year-old to the ground as he drove distractedly through a third crosswalk.

    Meanwhile, in San Francisco, an elderly pedestrian was near death after a driver hit him in the morning near Park Presidio. Police have not charged the driver in that case, either.

    Sometimes, it seems like the only reckless drivers police are interested in catching are the ones who crash into cop cars.