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Crazed Motorist Rams CHP Vehicle, Sending it Into a House



    Crazed Motorist Rams CHP Vehicle, Sending it Into a House

    There were plenty of thrills in Hayward yesterday, when a simple traffic stop turned into a high-speed chase, a collision, and a cop car careening into a house.

    The action started when a CHP officer spotted a speeding car on the highway. When he tried to pull the car over, the driver sped off with the officer in hot pursuit.

    During a lengthy high-speed chase along city streets, the man repeatedly tried to ram the CHP vehicle. Finally, he was successful, and the officer's car smashed into a house. Local police were able to capture the suspect not long after.

    The driver was carrying a loaded handgun, and had several outstanding warrants, according to the CC Times.

    There was a far more gruesome end to some crashes around Pittsburg this weekend, when a 63-year-old ran a stop sign, skidded on rainy roads, and crashed into a pole. He died at the scene. Just a few miles away on the same night, a drunk teen killed one friend and injured another in a crash.

    And there was a miracle in South San Jose earlier this month when a car crash threw a baby from a car. The child was improperly belted into its carseat, but sustained only minor injuries.

    And finally, a man in Concord who was showing off his prowess by spinning his car in circles in a parking lot got more than he bargained for. Police spotted the hotshot and pursued him as he mowed down two trees and crashed into parked cars. The 20-year-old driver was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

    All of these incidents are part of a grim leadup to the 54th Annual International Auto Show later this year at the Moscone Center. Thousands of motorists are expected to die prior to the event.