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Crooks Drugging, Robbing Men in the Castro

Hookup crooks drug drinks and then rob the homes of unsuspecting men in the Castro.



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    Revelers are being targeted for robberies by criminals who drug them, according to reports.

    A growing number of men in San Francisco's Castro district are reporting that they were robbed or assaulted at home by men who also drugged them at clubs and bars, according to reports.

    Police believe criminals are "posing as potential lovers" and specifically targeting men "seeking companionship" at nightlife establishments in the historically gay neighborhood, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Three incidents over a single weekend were recently reported, cops told the newspaper, and many more incidents are suspected, but victims do not want to step forward.

    In one case, a man awoke in a dreamlike state in his home and watched as the lover-turned-thief went through his belongings, the Examiner reported. In another, the victim was robbed while he was vomiting in his bathroom. When he finally came out to confront the crook, he was assaulted and grilled for the passwords for his computer and financial accounts, the newspaper reported.