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Cross Country Pot Bust Rooted Here

Feds bust 18 in multistate marijuana ring



    Cross Country Pot Bust Rooted Here
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    The group busted this week is accused of pushing pot on college campuses.

    Federal prosecutors in Alexandria saythey have dismantled a nationwide marijuana trafficking ring that  took high-grade pot grown in Northern California and distributed itnationwide.

     The ringleaders allegedly used college athletes to market themarijuana on campuses.
    Eighteen people have been charged; all but one are in custody. The remaining fugitive is identified as Marvin Powers, Jr., a/k/a “Marv,” 39, of Vallejo.
    Court documents describe the ringleader as 46-year-old AnthonyGuidry Sr., also of Vallejo. Guidry allegedly recruited distributors to sell marijuana in cities and college campuses in
    Virginia, Georgia, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana,Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
    According to an affidavit, Guidry bought wholesale marijuana foras little as $1,200 a pound and sold it at retail for $5,000 a pound. Investigators estimate the conspiracy generated at least $2  million in profit. More than 70 pounds of marijuana were seized.

    "We have dismantled a significant, national drug ring that allegedly made millions trafficking marijuana and recruited college athletes to target fellow students for drug sales," U.S. Attorney MacBride said.

    According to court documents, many conspirators carried firearms while conducting drug sales and use weapons and assault to intimidate those who have not paid, including targeting the young children of those in debt to conspirators.