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VIDEO: Cup Captain Capsizes

Cup captain nearly capsizes Friday. Does the real thing Monday.



    VIDEO: Cup Captain Capsizes
    Oracle Racing Media
    Oracle Racing released this photo of their capsized boat on the San Francisco Bay.

    San Francisco is getting a taste of the America's Cup sailing race two years early as practice rounds begin on the Bay.

    The teams are learning quickly that the San Francisco Bay is a tricky place to sail. 

    On Monday, four-time America's Cup champion Russell Coutts actually capsized his 45-foot catamaran during a practice race. See the photo above posted by Oracle Racing and the video below posted on YouTube.

    After you see the video you will be surprised to learn that only one member of the crew had to be examined by paramedics and taken to a hospital for x-rays. Oracle Racing crewmember Shannon Falcone suffered dislocated rib cartilage in the crash.

    Everyone else was unharmed and the damage to the boat was something the crew was able to fix in a day.

    The same captain nearly capsized late last week. That was also caught on tape.

     Sailing the San Francisco Bay is considered one of the toughest waterways in the world and cup teams are learning that lesson quickly.

    Crewmen dress wear padding and helmet while sailing the speedy boats.  The practice rounds fof the home team, Oracle Racing, began training sessions in the past week. 

    Because Oracle CEO Larry Ellison won the last America's Cup, he had a hand in choosing the next stop. Ellison "went local" and picked the San Francisco Bay for the 2013 race.

      The 45-foot boats are double-hulled unlike a typical sailboat.

    Also Monday, NBC Bay Area reporter Bob Redell actually got on board one of the racing boats for a first hand account of the thrill of riding the Bay with a need for speed.


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