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DC Looks to Tech for Job Help

Tech heavy hitters gather to give advice.



    DC Looks to Tech for Job Help
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    Washington wants Silicon Valley help it create jobs.

    They're among the heavies of the Silicon Valley heavy hitters: Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook, AOL founder Steve Case, Venture legend John Doerr.

    All gathered in Palo Alto to spread the word about how badly Washington needs Silicon Valley's help when it comes to job creation.

    They call it the "entrepreneurial economy." A way to tap into what's been going on in the tech industry, and spread some of the mojo to the rest of the nation.

    Held at VMWare, the President's Council on Jobs is blending tech and politics in a way we're seeing more often these days, as the nation looks West for ideas on how to create jobs and wealth.

    Will it work? It should, if Sandberg, Doerr, etc., are listened to. Already D.C. is changing what it means to be an immigrant entrepreneur.

    That's a step towards the kind of openness that has worked in tech. We'll keep listening to see what's next.

    Scott is at the event right now. He's on Twitter: @scottbudman