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DMT Drug Lab Found in Mt. View Complex: Cops

DMT drug lab in Mountain View is the first such lab discovered in the Bay Area.



    SWAT officers in Mountain View raided a complex only to find a rare kind of drug lab using dimethyltryptamine or DMT. They also found other drugs and weapons. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Friday, Nov. 9, 2012)

    S.W.A.T. officers raided two Mountain View apartment complexes Thursday looking for evidence of drug dealing and drug possession.

    Officers said they not only found drugs, they also found a cache of weapons and a rare kind of drug lab.

    Detectives served search warrants at four apartment units on Bush Street, near Castro in downtown Mountain View Thursday morning after neighbors called police saying they were concerned about possible drug activity inside the units.

    Police said one of the units was being used as a drug lab for dimethyltryptamine or DMT. 

    Search Warrant Leads to Drug Lab in Mountain View

    [BAY] Search Warrant Leads to Drug Lab in Mountain View
    Police from several cities across the Bay Area served a search warrant on two apartment complexes and what they found brought out handcuffs and bio-hazard suits.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012)

    Officers said they found also meth, heroin and marijuana inside the apartments. Additionally, an assault rifle, shotguns and several other weapons were located, police said.

    So far, two people have been arrested and three others were detained, according to police.

    Police said this is the first DMT lab busted in the Bay Area.

     "We're still doing research but we believe this will be the third  DMT lab busted in state and only the first one busted in the Bay Area," Mountain View police Sgt. Sean Thompson said. "They're still searching and they'll be out there well into  the night."

    Mountain View police explained DMT as a "Schedule I substance by the federal government.  DMT is a hallucinogen that naturally occurs in plants but can also be synthesized in a lab -- or in a makeshift lab, as the case may be.  DMT is perhaps best known as part of a drink called Ayahuasca.  Homebrew recipes include substances like lighter fluid, drain cleaner, and paint thinner to make it, and warnings abound not to touch this substance or inhale the fumes. DMT is usually snorted, smoked, or injected, since taking it orally generally doesn't have an effect unless taken with another substance that inhibits its metabolism."

    Police were expected to be out at the complext all night.