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DUI Arrests In Oakley "Far Surpass" Neighboring Cities



    DUI Arrests In Oakley "Far Surpass" Neighboring Cities
    Newark Police Department

    Is it the weather, the nearby Delta, the long commutes to the Bay Area on Highway 4? Whatever it is, the city of Oakley is becoming known for drunken driving arrests, with DUI totals in the east Contra Costa County city "far surpassing" those in nearby cities, according to police.

     "We have a terrible DUI problem in the city," said City Councilman Randy Pope, who is an Oakland police sergeant, according to the Contra Costa Times. Oakley police arrested 320 people on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs during a six-month period from July to December last year, the newspaper reported.

     This year, officers have made 244 DUI arrests as of May 15.

     That's four times as many drunken driving arrests than in nearby Brentwood, Antioch or other eastern Contra Costa County locales, the newspaper said. Oakley logged 16.9 DUI arrests per 1,000 residents compared with 2.97 for Brentwood, 2.35 for Antioch and 2.25 for Pittsburg.

     Oakley's location between the Bay Area and Central Valley on Highway 4, the main drag for folks who live in either spot or in between in the Delta, means most of the suspects arrested on DUI charges were from out of town.