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DUI Checkpoint Doubles as Turkey Giveaway



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    A DUI checkpoint in Salinas doubles as a turkey giveaway.

    Most drivers avoid DUI checkpoints.  Even if you haven't been drinking, they slow down the ride home at the end of a night.

    But there is one DUI checkpoint in Salinas that people tend to "flock" to.  That's because it gives away free turkeys to drivers who pass through the check point alcohol free.

    This is the eighth year police officers have handed out the turkeys.

    It's become so popular, Salinas police are now asking drivers not to go through the checkpoint more than once just to try to win a turkey.

    Police keep the location secret ahead of set up, but we can tell you it is happening Monday night. The giveaway is not only designed to reduce the amount of drinking  and driving associated with holiday celebrations, but will also provide a  holiday meal for those in need.

    This is probably the only DUI check point in Northern California that has drivers hunting it down instead of doing whatever it takes to avoid the area.