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Dangerous Cesar Chavez Becomes Delightful Boulevard



    Dangerous Cesar Chavez Becomes Delightful Boulevard
    The first street sign for the Cesar Chavez street name change crosses Farmers Rd. at the sign for the Dallas Farmers Market.

    After decades of dodging freeway-style traffic, the residents of Cesar Chavez St are finally getting some relief.

    Construction will start this spring on a vastly improved boulevard that's expected to draw foot-traffic, bikes, and safer traffic speeds, according to the Gate. Neighbors have been clamoring for the improvements for years, since the wide street separates neighborhoods and makes it difficult for locals to walk just a few blocks.

    Just as on Divisadero and Valencia, expect to see wider sidewalks, bike lanes, more trees and plants, and occasional left-turn lanes.

    In order to draw in more pedestrians, the city will import small plazas. Those have been a smash hit elsewhere in the city, such as at Castro and Market. The city can't install new pedestrian promenades fast enough to satisfy demand.

    It's a far cry from the street's current state. Currently, drivers tend to treat Cesar Chavez as though it's a freeway, even though they're zooming past homes, shops, and schools. There have been hundreds of crashes in the last decade.

    Construction will cost about $30 million, and should be done by 2012.