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Dangerous Fairfield Pit Bull in Custody

On Monday, Human Animal Services said the dog is now in its care.



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    Jodi Hernandez
    Pit bull named Ben is deemed "dangerous" in Fairfield.

    Following an NBC Bay Area report, a dangerous pit bull named Ben has been removed from a Fairfield neighborhood.

    On Monday, a spokesperson at the nonprofit Human Animal Services, which encompasses five cities in Solano County, said the dog is now in its care. If Ben's owner wants the dog returned, the spokesperson said, the owner will have to meet certain conditions.

    Ben's removal follows an exclusive report about how the Siena Owners' Association in  Fairfield had distributed fliers to residents of the community warning them Ben, who had been deemed "dangerous" by the city on May 4. Ben had bitten a jogger and two other dogs. Police had lauded the community's efforts into being proactive about the warning.

    The flier has Ben's photo, urges residents to be on the lookout for him and states: "We believe that every resident in Sienna has the right to know that a "dangerous animal" is living among us."

    Some residents say they are glad for the warming. One dog owner said his chihuahua, Shady, would never stand a chance against a pit bull.

    There have been many pit bulls attacks in the Bay Area and beyond. Some of the more notable ones include two toddlers in April, one in Concord and the other in Castro Valley, who were severely injured by pit bulls. Also, Darla Napora, 32, of Pacifica, was mauled to death last August by the family pit bull, Gunner.

    To see Jodi Hernandez's report on neighbors warning others of Ben the pit bull, watch the video below.


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