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Dangers Lurk Amid San Bruno Fire Ruins



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    Firefighters sift through rubble at a burned home that was destroyed by a massive explosion and fire September 9, 2010 in San Bruno, California. Thirty eight homes were destroyed and four people were killed when a Pacific Gas and Electric gas main blew up in a San Bruno, California neighborhood near San Francisco International Airport on Thursday evening.

    The blast zone in San Bruno hasn't changed much since the September 9 explosion and fire. Chimneys stand like tombstones, marking where homes used to be. But that will change Thursday.

    San Bruno is planning to begin demolition and debris clean up for at least the next six  days. The work is expected to kick up hazardous dust from items left behind, like paint, pesticides and other toxic materials.

    Some residents who have returned say they will stay inside or wear a dust mask if necessary. Many residents say they are anxious for clean up to get started so neighbors can rebuild and return home. Many say they won't feel at ease until everyone who survived is home.

    While the neighborhood is preparing to clean up, utility watchdog groups are pressuring the California Public Utilites Commission to make sure PG&E pays for all the costs related to the explosion and not raise rates to pay for damage from the explosion.

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    The CPUC will take the rates and other concerns into consideration during a meeting in San Francisco Thursday.