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Danville Hires Hit Man for Wild Turkeys



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    Thanksgiving comes early this year in Danville, with a turkey slaughter just days away.

    The town has dozens of wild turkeys, and one local homeowner association has had enough. Their solution: hire a hunter to pick them off.

    Wild turkeys can be a nuisance. They damage property, harass pets and children, and leave a mess, according to KTVU. Some residents have had their cars scratched by claws, which is certainly a crime worthy of the death penalty. Other residents feel that the turkeys make the town "crowded."

    "We're ready for them to go somewhere else," said one resident, euphemistically.

    Some locals aren't bothered by the birds, and are disturbed by the impending assassinations.

    From sleepy suburbs to dense cities, humans have to share space with a wide range of species who were here before settlers. Even San Francisco has a small coyote population, confined mostly to Golden Gate Park, Bernal Heights, and the Presidio. The animals seldom pose a risk to humans.

    Recently, barn owls have been cited on Alacatraz. Dissection of pellets show that they've been picking off small mammals on the island.