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Date Night Mugging Has Happy Ending

Find My iPhone app helps catch robbers.



    This is not the usual dating horror story. For a couple in the East Bay, this date night was filled with real terror. They were robbed at gunpoint in Oakland. But thanks to an iPhone app, and a quick response from police, this story has a happy ending for more than just the victims. NBC Bay Area's Monte Francis reports from Oakland. (Published Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012)

    Adam Safran's date Thursday night ended with a happy ending. Get your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think.

    Safran 42 was walking his lady friend back to her car on Grand Avenue in Oakland, when a man with a gun approached the two around 11pm, as Safran was going in for a goodnight kiss.

    The man then demanded the valuables from the pair.

    "All right, well at least he didn’t ask for my phone." Safran told the Chron.

    That's when the robber asked for his phone.

    But the twist ending to this story comes when Safran pulled out the iPad he had in his trunk and used the "Find My iPhone" app to locate the device about two miles away.

    Police showed up in less than 30 minutes and were able to retrieve everything but the cash and the iPhone that led them there.

    Officer Johnna Watson said they were able to track down two men responsible for multiple robberies.

    Safran said he and his date kissed for the first time in the back of the of a police car while on their way to identify the suspected mugger.