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Davis Students Set Up Camp at Pepper Spray Site

University is mum on whether students will be allowed to stay.



    Davis Students Set Up Camp at Pepper Spray Site
    The Pepper Spraying of UC Davis students was captured on cell phone video, which went viral on YouTube.

    The location may be known better around the world as the site that gave birth to one of the web's most popular meme but protesters are trying to change that.

    UC Davis students have set up tents near the site where campus police pepper sprayed Occupy protesters.

    In doing so, the students have shifted the focus of the Occupy movement about 70 miles north on the 80 from Oakland.

    Students began building the camps Monday evening and the move was already gaining attention from the school's administration.

    The chancellor was scheduled to hold a town hall meeting Tuesday at 4 p.m. to try and calm angry reaction to video of a campus police using pepper spray to disperse peaceful protesters.

    The video has since gone viral and become fodder for the national movement, with students across college campuses holding events in solidarity with UC Davis students.

    Two UC Davis police officers were put on administrative leave over the incident and University of California President Mark G. Yudof called the chancellors of all 10 UC Campuses and reminded them that students have the right to peacefully protest to warn against allowing another pepper spray incident to occur.

    The school would not comment on whether students would be allowed to camp out overnight.