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All Even on 49ers' Santa Clara Move



    All Even on 49ers' Santa Clara Move
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    It's difficult to see which way the 49ers stadium vote will go in Santa Clara.

    If the San Francisco 49ers really want to get their new stadium built in the South Bay, it looks like they're going to have to do a better job of sweet-talking the residents of Santa Clara.

    The San Francisco Chroniclereports that an independent poll of registered Santa Clara voters showed support for the June 8 stadium ballot measure to be only 50-50.

    Actually, it's only 45-45. The other ten percent of Santa Clara voters are still undecided, but those with an opinion were evenly split for and against the stadium measure. That's not good news for the 49ers, considering they've already spent multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting the measure.

    This poll is considered significant because it's the first time pollsters used the actual wording from the ballot measure as it's going to appear before Santa Clara voters on June 8. The poll this summer showing the measure ahead by a 2-1 margin was just people clicking "yes" or "no" on the Internet.

    Worse yet for Niners ownership, a KPIX poll in January found the measure trailing, 54-40%. But Matier & Ross report in their Chronicle piece that the 49ers have their own internal polls indicating the measure is well ahead.

    But if independent polls keep showing the race as this tight, Santa Clara's mail delivery carriers are going to get one heck of a workout this election season.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who would point out that even when voters do approve a San Francisco 49ers stadium, it still doesn't always end up getting built.