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Deion: Crabtree Signing "Brewing"

Deion Sanders may know something we don't



    Deion: Crabtree Signing "Brewing"
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    Athlete/television personality Deion Sanders at the 57th NBA All-Star Game, part of 2008 NBA All-Star Weekend at the New Orleans Arena on February 17, 2008

    If you believe that Deion Sanders' cryptic, teasing remarks on the NFL Network represent any actual inside knowledge, then Michael Crabtree may be on the verge of signing a contract and joining the San Francisco 49ers

    Deion Sanders let an ominous-sounding little remark slip on Sunday night's NFL GameDay broadcast still available online. Deion and the GameDay crew were recapping the highlights of Sunday's 35-0 49er win over the Rams, and anchorman Rich Eisen got cute and cracked a Michael Crabtree joke.

    As the highlight reel replayed Shaun Hill's fourth quarter touchdown pass to Josh Morgan, Eisen mockingly announced, "Looking for the end zone.... Michael Crabtr- No!"

    Deion Sanders, also a member of the NFL GameDay panel, responded, "Not yet."

    Eisen, noting that Crabtree is not yet a 49er, added, "That's still not happening."

    "It could be brewing," Deion Sanders quickly noted.

    "Oh really?," Eisen responded. "Are you dropping hints?"

    "I'm dropping hints," Sanders replied, in a confident tone of voice.

    "You don't know," Steve Mariucci butted in.

    But Sanders might know, or at least he probably knows more than most of us. Sanders counseled Crabtree during his pre-draft workouts, and Crabtree retains the services of Deion's former agent Eugene Parker. 

    Sanders may even be investigated for knowing too much about Michael Crabtree. Deion's statements on Crabtree are what set off the 49ers' recent tampering charges against the New York Jets.

    And sure enough, the morning after Sanders' remarks reports surfaced on ESPN that Crabtree and his agent are headed to San Francisco to reopen negotiations.

    Admittedly, some unexplained comments from Deion Sanders might not represent any real, actual Michael Crabtree news. But those comments are still the most encouraging Michael Crabtree news I've heard in weeks.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is also not having any luck with his request for more than $20 million over five years.