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Demon Sheep: California's Keyboard Cat?

Godwin's Law invoked as Senate candidate compared to Hitler



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    The "Fiscal Conservative in Name Only" spot, produced for former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina's Senate campaign by noted zany attack-ad specialist Fred Davis, has proven inspirational.

    If by "inspirational" you mean "has inspired lots of parody remixes."

    The "Demon Sheep" ad is naturally suited to YouTube takeoffs, with plenty of campy, shocking images surrounded by stock footage and b-roll to make it easy to edit, and a narrative track easily taken out of context to humorously juxtapose to said images.

    You can get the psychedelic version, the gay disco version, and the complete non-sequitur version.

    Possibly the best remix comes in the form of some actually cogent campaign impact analysis on YouTube. But, suiting its status as a YouTube meme, it was reenacted as a behind-the-scenes campaign discussion. In Hitler's bunker.

    While creator Davis admitted that the whole idea was to create a sensation online in order to save the campaign money, instead of spending it on a traditional television spot, one has to wonder if Fiorina is laughing or cringing at being portrayed as an enraged dictator.

    For everyone's sake, it's probably time to play the demon sheep off, keyboard cat!

    Jackson West doesn't get paid enough to produce mashup videos, but here he is, doing it anyway, because he's a nerd.