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Gay Marriage Volunteers Locked Out of City Hall

Gay marriage license volunteers met with closed doors



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    About 100 people who gathered outside San Francisco City Hall Saturday to help process same-sex marriage licenses in anticipation of the ban being lifted were turned away at the door.

    The volunteers showed up in response to emails and blog posts stating there would be a training session Saturday afternoon for anyone who wanted to help.

    NBC Bay City Assessor Recorder Phil Ting wrote on his Facebook status Friday: "Getting ready to marry people in SF. If stay is lifted, SF City Hall open Fri til 8 & Sat-Sun 9-5. Email to help"

    It seems there it was an apparent miscommunication because there was nobody at City Hall to train them. But the potential volunteers said the turnout shows just how eager some are to help.

     “I am a little disappointed.” Erin First said. “Clearly, there was some sort of miscommunitcation and hopefully we'll get a chance to come out here again and lend a helping hand to the people that we love.”

    Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown are on the same side of this issue now and are both urging the court to lift its stay and enable same-sex marriages to resume immediately.

    Judge Vaughn Walker on Wednesday issued a landmark ruling overturning Proposition 8, California's ban on gay marriage. But he also issued a temporary stay preventing local officials from immediately issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples. There’s no word on when he will decide on the stay.