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See This Golden Gate Bridge Fly-By?

Optical illusion or dangerous landmark buzz. You decide.



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    United Plane Near Golden Gate Bridge

    A fly-by of the Golden Gate Bridge is causing a national stir nine days after the fact.

    In the video, which was taken on Oct. 9 and posted on YouTube Monday, you see what appears to be a United Airlines jet buzzing the Golden Gate Bridge.  The image brings to mind the September 11 attacks for many across the country who aren't familiar with Fleet Week or the lay out of the San Francisco Bay.

    Locals will tell you that a plane flying over the bridge and along the waterfront is pretty standard during the Fleet Week air show.

    The FAA told the Associated Press the video is an optical illusion.  After looking at the video, an FAA spokesman told AP the plane posed no danger to the span and blamed the angle at which it was shot for making it appear closer than it actually was.

    United Airlines said it was all part of the planned festivities and was supposed to showcase one of its 747s.

    "The fly-by was conducted as part of a well-publicized air show and with the utmost consideration to the safety of the public and the aircraft," United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said.

    Lori Preuitt thinks if the plane had passengers on it, they were very lucky folks.  Just imagine the view they got out of their window.