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Distracted Driving Still a Big Problem: CHP

The numbers only include those caught by police. Think of how many more commit the offense.



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    Now this is some distracted driving.

    Cell phone calls, texts and other distractions on the road earned nearly 6,000 Bay Area motorists citations from the California Highway Patrol last month, the CHP announced Friday.

    The 5,900 citations to drivers throughout the region came during the CHP's "It's Not Worth It" campaign to remind the public of the dangers distracted driving poses as part of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, according to CHP officials.

     "We were overwhelmed with the support here in the Bay Area," CHP Chief Teresa Becher said in a statement. "Our allied law enforcement agencies as well as many other public and private entities in the community stepped forward to make a difference. Some made a pledge, others posted the message on electronic signs or in front of businesses, and for those that would not comply there was enforcement."

     Last month, the CHP issued roughly 30,000 citations statewide related to distracted driving, officials said.   

    Despite April's campaign, Becher said the CHP observed many motorists engaging in unsafe distractions while driving.

    In one instance, an officer responding to a major injury accident with emergency lights and siren on had to move around a vehicle that would not change lanes.    

    "The person was texting and never noticed the officer's presence," the chief said.