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Disturbing New Details Released in Livermore Sex Assault Case

Prosecutors say one of the victims dated the suspect's daughter.



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    Livermore Police

    The Livermore wife and mother who was arrested late last week for the alleged sexual assault of two boys made her first court appearance Monday.

    Christine Hubbs, 42, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of having sex with two underage boys who were close family friends.

    Following her arraignment prosecutors released disturbing new details of the case.

    The probable cause statement says victim No. 1 was 14 when they met and the boyfriend of Hubbs' teenage daughter.

    Livermore Mom Accused in Child Sex Case

    [BAY] Livermore Mom Accused in Child Sex Case
    Livermore police release details of a sex abuse case involving a weathly mother of three.
    (Published Sunday, Aug. 8, 2010)

    "On two different occasions, Christine preplanned with Doe to pick him up and take him to a motel. Christine followed through and picked up Doe and took him to the motel. Once at the motel, Christine had vaginal intercourse with Doe. The investigation showed that Christine supplied Doe with money, expensive gifts and cellular phones to maintain contact with Doe."

    Prosecutors said the victim's mother who initially found the nude photo that brought the abuse to light.

    The probable cause statement claims victim No. 2 had sex with Hubbs 15 times in the past eight months. It says he was 14 years old when they first had sex. It says the two communicated via text messages and that Hubbs bought the boy expensive gifts and clothing in order to maintain the relationship.

    Hubbs faces 67 felony counts of sexual assault,  including oral copulation, lewd act on a child, and exhibition of lewd  material to a minor.  Her bail is set at $4.3 million.

    Hubbs' husband is a dentist and according to her Facebook profile, the couple has three kids ages 8, 10 and 13. The couple has been married for 20 years and she works at the dental practice.

    Livermore investigators said Saturday Hubbs is close friends with her victims' parents. They said everyone involved in the case has known each other for several years.

    Sarsfield said the boys told investigators that they had sex with Hubbs at various spots around town including her Hummer H2 and hotel rooms.  Along with the photo that triggered the case, Hubbs also texted them sexually explicit messages.

     On Monday, Hubbs will also be arraigned on charges of allowing the negligent  discharge of a BB gun and contributing to the delinquency of a minor in connection with a separate incident that occurred prior to her arrest Thursday.

    While investigating the sexual assault case, Livermore police said they learned of another recent incident in which Hubbs was driving her H2 around with a group of boys around 10 years old who were shooting Airsoft guns out of the Hummer at various locations around the city.

    Sarsfield said no one was seriously injured by the plastic pellets.  He added that said no kids who were in the Hummer have come forward as a  victim in the sexual assault case.