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Do Not Steal from Danielle Steel

Longtime assistant admits to embezzling $400,000 from popular romance novelist



    Do Not Steal from Danielle Steel
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    Danielle Steel has weathered more than her fair share of husbands and scandal well enough.

    Danielle Steel was defrauded of nearly half a million dollars by longtime assistant Kristy Watts, AKA Kristy Siegrist, leaving San Francisco society matrons to tut about how one can never trust the help.

    Watts, who kept Steel's ledger, plead guilty to wire fraud and tax evasion stemming from writing herself checks and making purchases on Steel's credit card.

    The theft amounted to $400,000 over the fifteen years she worked as an assistant.

    No word from Steel if the Watts plot will figure into her next (inevitable) best-seller, but don't be surprised if a heroine nearly loses her dimple-chinned man to the conniving of some thieving hussy.

    Jackson West wouldn't mind not noticing $25,000 grand a year mysteriously disappear from my bank account, as opposed to the $35 fees from Bank of America hurting profoundly.