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Do You Know John Doe?

Official release photo in hopes of finding out who this man is.



    Do You Know John Doe?
    San Francisco General Hospital
    This man has been in the hospital since May 11, but doctors do not know who he is.

    San Francisco General Hospital has a mystery on its hands. Workers there do not know who they have been treating for the past two weeks.

    The unidentified man, pictured above, was found Monday, April 11 on Richland Avenue near San Jose Avenue in the City. He has not been able to tell doctors his name and all other efforts to find out his identity have failed.

    The hospital hopes someone will see his photo and call them at 415-206-8000. His doctors list his condition as "fair" but did not list what illness or injury has kept in the hospital for so long. From the photo you can see that he suffered some kind of neck injury.