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Pot Cookie Wrapper Shows Why Kids Were Confused

Reading the label can be very very important



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    Vallejo Police
    This is not your average treat. It is a cookie made with cannabis.

    A store clerk's good deed turned into a criminal case in Vallejo this week.

    A fifth grade student at Grace Patterson Elementary School got a cookie from a employee at a store on his way to school Monday. The clerk said he often gives little treats to students who drop by.  He said another customer dropped off the cookies earlier in the morning and he thought nothing of passing on the goodie to the child.

    The crime part comes in because the cookie was made with marijuana.

    The package, seen above, does not show obvious signs that this is a product that contains marijuana.

    The student got to school and started sharing her treat. By the end of lunch period at least six students tried the cookie and some reported feeling its effects. An adult figured out what was happening when they found the wrapper on the school grounds and read the ingredients. Item No. 3 -- between sugar and butter -- was "cannabis."

    The students were treated and are all reportedly fine today.

    Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to contact the Vallejo Police Department at 1-800-488-9383.