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Police: Gilroy Man May Not Be Charged in Starbucks Pit Bull Attack

The owner of a pit bull that attacked a daschund and its owner in Gilroy may not face charges.



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    Gilroy police
    This Gilroy pitbull was involved in a bloodly attack on a woman and her dachshund at a Starbucks on July 12.

     The owner of the pit bull whose attack led to the death of a daschund in a Starbucks parking lot Thursday -- an attack in which the small dog's was also severely injured -- may not face any criminal charges, according to reports.

    The dog, however? Police plan to put it to death next week.
    The Gilroy Dispatch brings news that the owner, who allegedly fled the scene of the First Street incident Thursday morning, may be party to nothing more than a civil suit or "an issue of an animal control violation."
    Police arrived at the Starbucks at 7:30 a.m. Thursday to find an injured woman and a very injured dog. The dog was euthanized later Thursday. The woman suffered injuries to her arm while attempting to fend off the pit bull, the newspaper reported.
    The pit bull was not on a leash. The owner has not been found, but the dog is microchipped and is current on all its shots. The pit bull is currently at the Gilroy Police Department's kennel, where it is acting calmly, according to reports.
    In the meantime, the owner has not been contacted or arrested -- because Gilroy police are not sure what, if any, charges he or she may face, the newspaper reported.
    The pit bull is scheduled to be euthanized at the end of next week, the newspaper reported.