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Carr Concedes



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    There is a stunning upset to report in the South Bay. Santa Clara County district attorney Dolores Carr has conceded her race to retain her office.   That means Jeff Rosen will become the next DA for Santa Clara County.

    "Today’s results from the Registrar of Voters Office indicate that while the voters of Santa Clara County were deeply divided, the DA’s race has been determined.  I am proud of the honest and honorable campaign that we ran, and I am grateful for all of the support we received.  I feel privileged to have served the community as the first female District Attorney in Santa Clara County, and I am proud of what we accomplished," Carr said in a just released statement.

    The important words are "has been determined."

    The statement was soon followed by one by Rosen that said in part, " I truly believe that we won this election because we were fair, truthful, and passionate about changing business as usual in this county." 

    The new numbers released late Friday show:

    Jeff Rosen 127,185
    Dolores Carr 124,331

    In order for Carr to come back and win she would have had to get two out of three votes still outstanding.  Apparently she didn't think that was possible since Rosen's lead has expanded in absentee ballots instead of shrinking.

    The registrar of voters counted more than 50,000 absentee votes since Wednesday morning and the newly released numbers show the current DA Delores Carr is still trailing one of her deputies Jeff Rosen.

    Rosen was up 2,217 votes.  Now he's ahead 2,854 votes.

    When you break it down by percentage it's still a squeaky tight: 50.57 percent to 49.43 percent.

    Carr's losing is one of the most startling upsets of the primary.

    It is the first time in more than 80 years that a challenger has taken the office from an incumbent DA.

    Carr was elected in 2006.  She was the first woman to serve as DA in Santa Clara County.

    Rosen has worked in the district attorney's office since 1995 and boosted his high conviction rate during campaign speeches.  He closed his victory announcement with, "I look forward to serving you with honesty, integrity, humility, hard work, and a wholehearted commitment to justice."