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Dolphins Make Waves in Colma Creek

A pair of aquatic mammals make urban setting their home -- for now.



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    Welcome to the Bay.

    Break out the cell phone cameras -- it's aquatic mammal in an urban setting time.

    A pair of bottlenose dolphins are splashing about in Colma Creek in South San Francisco, according to reports.
    The oxygen-breathing swimmers are "hanging out near the Utah Avenue bridge" in the creek's "brackish" water, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. As of Thursday, they had been in the creek for about a day, swimming in from the Bay on Wednesday, the newspaper reported.
    One of the dolphins may be sick, according to Jim Oswald, a spokesman for the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. It has a droopy dorsal fin, and its skin is not being helped by being in the creek's icky water.
    The San Mateo area plays host to ocean-going animals about "six or seven times a year," according to the newspaper.
    Experts will monitor the animals' progress and "step in if the situation changes," Oswald told the newspaper.