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Donors Replace Vandalized Park Trees



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    It's a crime the rocked the city's normally placid world of public parks: repeated vandalism in Golden Gate Park that left trees severed and rose bushes dead.

    The acts were concentrated near the Music Concourse, which today is slated to receive replacement plants courtesy of corporate donors, according to the Appeal. A ceremony will be held this morning to commemorate the re-planting.

    Felled elms will be replaced with London plane trees, a species popular throughout the city due to its tolerance for urban conditions. The trees are expected to thrive despite compacted soil, dirty air, and windy conditions. They develop distinctive round seed pockets that birds and small mammals like to eat.

    Vandals also completely trimmed numerous rose bushes, and chopped trees along Park Presidio. To date, the parties responsible have not been caught. A bounty of $2,000 was offered for leads.

    All told, nearly fifty plants were killed during the crime wave, according to the Richmond Blog.