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Don't Worry San Francisco, You'll Get Your Prius...Eventually



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    San Franciscans like their green vehicles, and with gas prices in the City being the highest in the nation, folks might be wondering if finding a hybrid car like the Toyota Prius might be difficult, following the recent disasters in Japan, where the vehicle is manufactured.

    While you may not be able to get the exact model of Prius you want right away, don't let the car dealer talk you into a higher price, blaming the earthquake in Japan.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Toyota is already gearing up to restart its Japanese production lines, starting this week. A company spokesman said the plants that produce the car's batteries and assemble the vehicles, were not damaged by the recent disasters.

    Assuming Japan doesn't suffer any setbacks, and assuming Toyota continues output, yes, the deliveries may be slim for a few months, but by summer things should be back to normal.

    A spokesman for AutoNation Inc, the biggest auto retailer in the United States, says dealers aren't seeing a big demand on Japanese cars right now, and that they have plenty of Prius's to go around.

    So, don't worry treehuggers, you'll get your Prius, you just might not get it in time for Earth Day.