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Driver Caught In Crossfire

Driver winds up at the wrong place at the wrong time



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    It appears an innocent driver was caught in the crossfire as bullets flew in an Oakland neighborhood Monday night.

    Witnesses tell police at least 50 rounds were fired just after 11:00 p.m. Monday at 98th Avenue and Holly Street in East Oakland.

    When police arrived, they found two men lying on the ground -- one with a gunshot wound to the chest, the other with an injury to the leg.

    Officers say it's possible the two victims were shooting at one another, when a third man happened to drive by on his way home.

    The windows of the car were blown out by gunfire, but the driver managed to make it home safely.

    A man who claims to be the driver's roommate says the driver was grazed by a bullet to the collarbone.

    All three people involved in the shooting are expected to survive.