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Driver Stops Car to Beat up Woman in Crosswalk



    Driver Stops Car to Beat up Woman in Crosswalk

    There are bad drivers ... and then there are REALLY bad drivers.

    A man in a green vehicle nearly crashed into a woman in a crosswalk in the Excelsior last week, prompting her to yell "whoa."

    Everyone, at some point, as been nearly hit by a crazed driver who can't slow down for a moment to let other people cross the street. But this particular driver went above and beyond the normal actions of a psychopath, according to SF Weekly: he swung his car around, jumped out, and started to pummel the woman he'd nearly just killed.

    The woman's boyfriend ran to her rescue, but found his nose broken when a passenger in the car started swinging punches.

    But the clever criminals made one big mistake: after hopping back in their car and speeding off, they failed to notice that one of them had dropped his driver's license and a bunch of DMV papers. Whoops.

    They were arrested not long after.

    It wasn't the only reckless driving around the city last week: a drag race on 280 ended in a vehicle rollover, trapping people inside.

    And in Brentwood, a car chased down two pedestrians in a crosswalk, sending a woman and a boy to the hospital with serious injuries. And across the country, fourteen people were killed when a bus tumbled across the highway and was impaled on a traffic sign.

    Nationally, about 35,000 people are killed in preventable car crashes every year.