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East Bay Teens Open Their Closets For Foster Children

When Laura Graham learned that foster children get just $200 a year for clothes, she figured she'd do something to help. She had no idea how helpful she was about to become.



    When Laura Graham learned how little money foster children were given each year to buy clothes, she wanted to help a little. She had no idea what a big help she would become. Read the full story here. (Published Monday, June 10, 2013)

    It all started with a conversation around the Graham family dinner table. The subject was foster children.

    Laura Graham, then just fourteen-year-old, realized there was much she didn't know about the plight of children in foster and group homes. So she did some research.

    Of what Laura learned, one statistic seemed to strike her more than any other: foster children get a clothing allowance of  just $200 for an entire year. For a clothes-loving, Oakland teenager that just didn't seem like enough.

    So Laura decided to help out a little.

    That little, though, has turned into an awful lot.

    To see what Laura has accomplished over the past two years, watch Garvin Thomas' story above.

    To learn more about her non-profit, 1 Closet, click here.