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Ecologists Start Working Together



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    Jude Fischer
    Caught this shot of a cool glow around the sun while cross-country skiing at Lakewood Forest Preserve in Wauconda. Almost looked like a rainbow, so we called it a sunbow.

    A group of organizations that look after the environment are teaming up to create an ecosystem of their own.

    That includes the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, The Nature Conservancy, Peninsula Open Space Trust, Save the Redwoods League and Sempervirens Fund, according to the SF Appeal.

    All five organizations have similar goals, so it only made sense to join forces in what they're calling "The Living Landscape Initiative." It's off to a strong start, with a gift of $15 million from a local philanthropic organization.

    The initiative has big plans, starting with coastal land in Santa Cruz County that's currently vulnerable to development. Living Landscape may wind up purchasing the land to protect it, or could assist with its conversion into a state park. Or they might take a more passive role and simply advise the property's owner on ecological best-practices.

    The announcement comes on the heels of another environmental group, Baykeeper, announcing a settlement with South San Francisco that will allow the city to focus on keeping bay waters clean.

    Even gas stations are getting in to the environmental game lately: a few stations in the East Bay are offering new blends of fuel, including oil derived from plants. The ecological benefit to such measures tiny, but it's better than nothing.