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Ed Lee Wants Old Job Back



    Ed Lee Wants Old Job Back

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider legislation that would amend the city charter to allow interim Mayor Ed Lee to return to his post as city administrator after he leaves office in January.

        Under the current laws, no former mayor or supervisor can work in a paid position again for the city for a year after they leave office in order to prevent undue influence or advantage.
    But the proposal being considered Tuesday would provide an exception for a former mayor who was appointed to the position, as long as they did not file a declaration to run again for mayor after taking office.
    Lee, who was appointed as mayor in January after Gavin Newsom was elected the state's lieutenant governor, has said he does not plan on running  for mayor in November's election and would like to return to his position as city administrator.
    The proposal is expected to pass -- it was sponsored by eight of the board's 11 supervisors -- and would allow Lee to return to his former post soon after he leaves the mayor's office in January.