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Ed Lee to Michael Bloomberg: It's a Bet

Sourdough for bagels, with a little transit on the side.



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    The mayoral football wager is out.

    San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has placed a "friendly" bet with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg over the outcome of this Sunday's NFC Championship Game at Candlestick.

    The 49ers take on the Giants with the winner going to the Superbowl. Those stakes are high enough, but that didn't stop the mayors from jumping on the bandwagon.

    Here's the bet: If the 49ers win, Bloomberg will rename 49th Street in Manhattan “49ers Street.” He will also send a dozen New York bagels from Bagel Oasis in Queens to City Hall.  (Seriously? A dozen?)

    If the Giants win, Lee will outfit a Powell Street Cable Car with New York Giants blue and red flags for a day. Lee will also send Boudin sourdough bread to New York City Hall.

    Lee's office said they almost bet to rename New York City as Jed York City for a day if the 49ers won, but couldn't make that deal happen.

    "While I’m excited to make this bet with Mayor Bloomberg, we have no intention of losing. We’re going all the way to the Super Bowl." Lee said.

    As for Bloomberg - his comments on the bet took on more of a trash talk feel.

    "Just like Hakeem Nicks ran right past the Packers’ secondary, the Giants are going to breeze by the 49ers on their way to the Super Bowl,” Bloomberg said.  Adding, "After Sunday, Niners fans will be left with a taste as sour as their famous bread and the Giants will have their sights set on another trophy.”

    Lee said it will be watching the game live at Candlestick. Bloomberg will be watching it on TV back in New York.