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Eight Start-Ups That Died After Airing Super Bowl Ads



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    Remember Pets.com? Most people do. But what about E-Stamps.com or Epidemic.com? These three and five others all had spots in the 2000 Super Bowl, and none are still around.

    In Super Bowl that year, had commercials from 19 dot-com start-ups. Of the 19, nearly half went belly-up a year or two later.

    Business Insider points out that many were crushed by the dot-com bust, while others were acquired or merged.

    Of the 19, only one had a spot in this year big game - E-Trade. Apparently talking babies are better received than talking dog puppets. (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is the exception.)

    Goupon was one of the biggies this year, sinking what is surely a load of cash into their TV ad-time. Will they survive, and for how long? 

    At least the Pets.com mascot is still working. You can find him annoying people on the Bar None car loan commercials.