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Element Named After Livermore

Element 116 is named Livermorium.



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    Steven F. Kelly
    In addition to wine, Livermore now has its very own element.

    Livermore is now and forever more purely elemental.

    The East Bay town will be memorialized on the walls of high school chemistry classrooms the world over, after the element 116 was officially named "Livermorium," according to reports.

    Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory helped to discover the heavy element, which will carry the symbol Lv, the Contra Costa Times reported.

    The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry also handed out a second elemental honor, annoucing that element 114 would be called Flerovium, noted as Fl, in honor of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions in Russia, the newspaper reported.

    Scientists at both laboratories collaborated in the discovery of the elements, the nrewspaper reported. Livermorium is one of six elements discovered by the lab since it opened in 1952.

    An element is the most basic chemical substance, consisting of one single atom.